GINGERBLUE may 5th - june 23rd 2018

One night many years ago, deep in the Missouri Ozarks, the town of Ginger Blue burned to the ground. A single small fire grew to many that eventually engulfed the whole. We all deal with loss in some way; loss of community, loss of family, loss of information, loss of object. GINGERBLUE examined that loss with works by Nick Fagan, Trudi Ludwig Johnson, Mathew McConnell, John L. Newman, and Melissa Weiss. For the opening reception, standing smoked trout with honeysuckle sun tea was served.(images courtesy of Esther Nooner)

HOUSE january 27, 2018

In HOUSE we examine craft, texture, warmth, familial history, and art within a domestic space. Artists include Alise Anderson, Dee Clements, Leah Guadagnoli, Lilian Martinez (BFGF), Adam Redd, and the late Estelle Weinstein. Other works on view will include pieces from our permanent collection, family heirlooms, house plants, and found objects. The exhibition threads together fine art, functional pieces, and useable works into a full domestic and livable space in which it is difficult to distinguish which moments are a part of HOUSE and which moments are part of a house.  (Images courtesy of Esther Nooner)


Artists Jordan Wayne Long and Tara Perry, now living and working in Los Angeles, re-visit their home state of Arkansas to provide an intimate meal and participatory performance, an experiment in honesty and communication. Come with open minds and empty stomachs.


Feast Gallery was pleased to present, in association with the estate of Gordon Matta-Clark, a recreation of Matta-Bones, Gordon Matta-Clark's performance/meal originally served at the Soho restaurant and creative haven, FOOD, co-founded by Matta-Clark in the early 1970s. In addition to the meal and performance, an exhibition of historical documentation of the restaurant was on view along with a screening of the documentary film that shares the restaurant's name. This was the first time Matta-Bones has been performed and served since the original in 1971.

DINNER april 8 - may 20, 2017

DINNER, an installation and thesis show by Danny R.W. Baskin, presented an amalgamated version of a 16th century Dutch banquet still-life situated within a salon-style display of appropriated and reimagined artworks. As the excessive objects spread across the walls interacted with one another, they created interweaving histories that removed the vast time between their creation. As the figures on the wall looked on, viewers were invited to dine and drink in the space and to fully immerse themselves within the recreated still life. Held in an intimate setting, DINNER prompted guests to interact with one another as well as the installation itself, promoting conversation over a meal.

Dreaming Under A Cedar Tree april 1, 2017

In association with the Inverse Performance Art Festival, Artist Sharon Mansur gave a variety of performances including dance, movement, sound, video, language, and audience participation in her piece, Dreaming Under A Cedar Tree. The artist moved across the idyllic wooded landscape and grounds of FEAST Gallery, taking the audience with her as she lead vignetted actions dealing with topics of race and belonging. As the sun slowly set, The piece ended with a discussion of the events with guests and the artist over traditional Lebanese food. The artist describes the piece as,"...a performance/installation/food sharing/conversational event inspired, in part by my Lebanese-American heritage and experience of being off-White".

COWBOY jan 21st thru feb 18th, 2017

The inaugural show from FEAST focused it's attention on the Cowboy, both idealized and demonized in American culture. With a rich history and a nuanced definition, the Cowboy relates to themes such as gender, race, violence, pop culture, landscape, and childhood. COWBOY featured the works of Jack Balas, June Glasson, Fort Guerin, David L. Jones, Blake Little, Katie Piatt, Amy Santoferraro, W. Tucker, and Yoram Wolberger. Canned peaches, baked beans, and whiskey were served to guests.